Elmer Laahne – Fine Art Photography



I have been photographing since I was 13 years old. Often using my fathers analog SLR camera. After film and photo school in the start of the 1990´s. My career started to take off.

My inspiration mostly came from the pioneering American photographers, Ansel Adams and Edward Weston, to mention a few.

I love being out in nature and do landscape work, I work alone, and forget time and place sometimes, patience is probably the most important virtue in photography. Today I mostly concentrate on my conceptual art works. 


I had my own darkroom, developed my own film, and created my own black and white prints. Parallel to my Film & TV career, I never put down my photo cameras. In the early 2000´s, I started working professionally with still photography for various clients, shooting advertisements, portraits and architecture photography. Having my own photo studio.

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I started illustrating books from 2003, and created film documentaries for various international clients all the way up to 2018. Today I only work with my conceptual art and landscape projects. 30 years of traveling to most parts of the world, covering war, hunger, and doing commercial work. I really wanted to focus all my attention on my art projects.

I now sell artworks to organizations, book publishers and private persons. I have received many international photo awards the last years, for my works of art. 


My curiosity is boundless, mostly I previsualize certain concepts, in my mind and draw up by hand what I want to create. I strive to make my composite creations as organic as possible. Also telling a story in my images, I go far to make my conceptual works as ethereal as possible.